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Lifting the Latch

Lifting the Latch: A Life on the Land

by Sheila Stewart (ISBN 9780953221332)
272 pages softback, illustrated

‘This delightful memoir of a rural labourer, Mont Abbott of Enstone, deserves to become a classic.’

John Saumarez Smith, Country Life

‘A work of art … The material is exceptionally rich and varied.’

Ronald Blythe, The Guardian

‘It’s absolutely stunning … it’s wonderful, it’s moving, it’s funny – and it kept on astonishing me … I think it’s totally brilliant.’

Harriett Gilbert, ‘A Good Read’, BBC Radio 4

‘A story to rival Lark Rise to Candleford as a classic of time and place.’

The Times

Wings over the Western Front: The First World War Diaries of Collingwood Ingram

Edited by Ernest Pollard and Hazel Strouts (ISBN 9780953221394)
310 pages softback, illustrated

‘Fascinating … Collingwood Ingram was an astute observer of all that happened around him. These diaries, liberally illustrated with his sketches, … bring to life the daily challenges of wartime life contrasted against a background of nature.’

Keith Belton, British Birds

‘A fascinating read.’

British Trust for Ornithology

‘To mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the illustrated diaries of gardener and bird-watcher Collingwood “Cherry” Ingram have been ably edited by Ernie Pollard and Hazel Strouts.’

Stephen Moss, Nature Books of the Year, The Guardian

‘A gem of a book.’

Cross & Cockade International

‘His fascinating First World War diaries provide a whole new insight into that most dreadful of wars. For Ingram, a gifted artist and exceptional ornithologist, it opened up new and unexpected opportunities. These he recorded in fascinating detail in his diaries.’

The Field

Wings Over The Western Front

Inside Stalin’s Russia: The Diaries of Reader Bullard, 1930–1934

Edited by Julian and Margaret Bullard (ISBN 9780953221318)
328 pages hardback, illustrated

‘A wonderful find.’

Anthony Daniels, Sunday Telegraph Books of the Year

‘His integrity shines like his prose.’

Martin Amis, Observer Books of the Year

‘Fascinating … A pleasure to read.’

Roy Hattersley, The Guardian

‘It is early to start picking the books of the year but this should be a strong contender.’

Richard Ollard, The Spectator

‘A stunning portrait … Julian and Margaret Bullard have performed a service for history and literature by editing this remarkable diary.’

Rupert Cornwell, The Independent

I Was Writing This Diary For You, Sasha

by Hana Pravda (ISBN 9780953221325)
112 pages hardback, illustrated

‘One of the most vivid memoirs of the Holocaust.’

The Times

‘A most poignant tale of love and courage – terrifying, moving, and ultimately life-enhancing – a tale of us all at our best and worst.’

Sir Derek Jacobi

I Was Writing This Book For You Sasha
A Brief Jolly Change

A Brief Jolly Change: The Diaries of Henry Peerless, 1891–1920

Edited by Edward Fenton (ISBN 9780953221356)
336 pages hardback, illustrated


 John Saumarez Smith, Country Life

‘A remarkable find, beautifully handled. Deserves to become a classic.’

Paul Minet, The British Diarist

‘Full of life and crammed with incident.’

Family Historian Magazine

‘This is a charming piece of social history. TV producers, take note: this would make a great feel-good nostalgia series, a sort of Edwardian bicycling James Herriot. Anyone know when Stephen Fry is available?’

Rob Ainsley, The London Cyclist

The Diaries of John Dee

Edited by Edward Fenton (ISBN 978095322130X)
382 pages hardback, illustrated
(Limited availability)


Daily Telegraph

‘A source of great, but dangerous potential.’

Iain Sinclair, The Edge Books of the Year

The Diaries of John Dee
Letters From Adleburgh

Letters from Aldeburgh

by Joyce Grenfell,
Edited by Janie Hampton (ISBN 9780953221370),
96 pages hardback

‘She remains an unforgettable example of just how extraordinary a human being can be.’

Clive James

‘She captures all the joy and excitement of past festivals, making this a wonderful memento.’

This England

‘These letters evoke wonderful memories of long, leisurely summers past and bring Joyce Grenfell’s warm, witty personality to life again.’

The Lady

Will I Still Be Me? A Journey through a Transplant

By Diana Sanders (ISBN 9780953221387)
168 pages softback

‘Diana Sanders has chronicled a journey leading up to and through her heart-lung transplant procedure. It is a gripping, lucid account of a roller-coaster of events and emotions affecting her and those closely surrounding her, giving us a unique insight into the effects transplantation can have.’

Professor John Wallwork

Will I Still Be Me

Charlbury Press

Our publications are available through all high street bookshops
and online, or direct from us. Please email if you would like to order any title direct.

Six Years in a Country Town: Pages from R.F. Leslie’s Charlbury News

Edited by Edward Fenton (ISBN 9780954634216)
128 pages softback, illustrated

‘Delightful … It brings back some very happy memories.’

Michael Palin

Tongue Pie: Prose and Poetry 1969–2005

by Fred Russell (ISBN 9780954634230)
112 pages softback, illustrated

‘The most extraordinary anthology of fanstastic poetry and reminiscences … Just wonderful!’

BBC Radio Oxford

John Hall: A Memoir

by Alison Fenton (ISBN 9780954634223)
238 pages softback, illustrated

‘John Hall is described by the author as a war hero, patriot and defender of liberty.
This is a charming biography of a charming man … A pleasant, recommended read.’

Air Mail

William Glenvil Hall: A Memoir

by Alison Fenton (ISBN 9780954634254)
280 pages softback, illustrated

‘Will Hall … is one of the unsung heroes of the Labour movement … a figure of unity, not division. He similarly charmed the people of the Colne Valley by his honesty and humanity. So I was delighted to receive William Glenvil Hall: A Memoir by his daughter Alison Fenton. It is a lovely account of his life, a true labour of love.’

Paul Salveson, Weekly Salvo

William Glenvil Hall: A Memoir